Modern Front-End Development With Rails

Add JavaScript-Free Effects with the Turbo Library

General References

  • Small, Sharp, Software Tools by Brian Hogan is still in beta but looks to be a good reference to Unix command line things. Which still can be useful, even if I don’t think they are the be-all and end-all.



I actually switched to ZShell as my prompt using the Oh My Zsh library to install it. ZShell is…


What are System tests?

System tests were added to Rails core in Rails 5.1 as the core team’s preferred way to test client-side interactions using Capybara and a browser driver. This is in addition to the Rails core integration tests, which don’t use Capybara, but which do test against server-side generated DOM elements.

Okay, but I already use Capybara in my RSpec tests, why is this better?

Even if you are already using…

Time And Space

Corey mentions early on in…

Five Things Give Or Take Two


I’ve been working in JavaScript on and off basically since JavaScript was invented, I even kind of wrote a book on it, and I still find the current ecosystem kind of bewildering.

The weekly Tech Done Right roundup of what catches our eye

Five Things Give Or Take Two


The big news in my little corner of the world is the closing of Dev Bootcamp. Many of the original Chicago DBC staff were former coworkers of mine. Here’s Dave Hoover’s photo set from the first couple of years. I have some complicated feelings about the bootcamp movement, which I’m hoping to get to on a future podcast episode (here’s an interesting Twitter thread from Sarah Mei on…

Yep, I’m comparing them again…

  1. Build an App, Start a Movement
  2. The Effective Remote Developer
  3. What Killed Smalltalk…

Noel Rappin

Noel Rappin is an Engineering Manager II at Root Insurance. He is the author of Modern Front-Front End Development For Rails. Find him @noelrap.

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