Modern Front-End Development With Rails

A few months ago, Basecamp released Hotwire, their support tools for client-side development using HTML over the wire rather than JSON. These are the generic versions of the tools that power Hey. Hotwire consists of the already released StimulusJS, and Turbo, which is the successor to Turbolinks.

I’m very excited…

It occurred to me that possibly people following me here on Medium that you may not be seeing more recent writing because I’m not publishing here anymore.

You can find me at — subscribe there for free to get an email newsletter that I update hopefully once a week (probably a little less than that until the books are done). If you want to, you can subscribe for money, in which case you will get some occasional extra content, but honestly, it’s mostly a tip jar right now.

I’ve been writing there about the new Rails Hotwire stuff: Turbo, Stimulus, and I’m also doing a series of posts about Agile and team concepts that I’m calling The Entropy Essays. Plus other random developer and tech related stuff.

I hope you’ll join me there.



20 some-odd years ago, when I was a graduate student, I spent about two years building Mac applications using a language called Prograph.

You’ve likely never heard of it.

I want to explain why I’m still kind of obsessed with it.

I’ve spent a lot of the intervening 20 years…

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Five Things Give Or Take Two


The big news in my little corner of the world is the closing of Dev Bootcamp. Many of…

Noel Rappin

Noel Rappin is an Engineering Manager II at Root Insurance. He is the author of Modern Front-Front End Development For Rails. Find him @noelrap.

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